Gilles Marcouiller

gilles_marcouillerGilles is a church planter, theologian, professor and a trainer.  He lives in Quebec City, Canada.  The Post Christian society he works in drives his spiritual journey as he is looking for a new synthesis between faith and culture. The biggest challenge for the Church of the 21st Century, as far as mission is concerned, will be Post Christian Western countries.

Gilles worked in France in the 80’s as a church planter.  He was involved with many evangelistic teams during that period.  He planted two churches in the Quebec City region in the 90’s. He also tried to start three other churches in other regions of the province. He is currently working in Haiti as a trainer in partnership with Lake Valley Community Church and the GO2 Network. He is leading a French Evangelical Chair project in missiology at Laval University, a Catholic theological Faculty where he is pursuing a PhD in missiology.

As a first generation French Evangelical, he is committed to guide the next generation of leaders to a renewal of a theology of mission that is contextualized in order to equip apostolic teams.   The training of apostolic leaders will be his next challenge.  His international experience will hopefully serve not only here in Quebec but wherever he is led to equip the Church to serve the Kingdom of God.

Gilles and Pierrette have three children.  Two of them, the twins, are finishing their college degrees; one in Veterinary School and the other in Law School.  Their daughter is studying in Human Science. They like to travel, meet people and enjoy friendship usually over a good meal. After all … they’re French!